Rug Cleaning and Repair

Rug Washing


So, you’ve purchased one of our beautiful handmade rugs; now you’re wondering about rug washing and rug repair. In other words: What is the proper way to care for my rug to ensure it looks and feels great as long as possible? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. At Classic World Oriental Rugs offer, we offer professional hand-washing and rug repair services that can revive and restore even a well-lived-in rug’s sheen and vitality.


What not to do

Unqualified cleaners

Even bringing it to unqualified cleaners can do more harm than good. They may not know the consequences of using chemicals and improper cleaning methods; often causing a great deal of damage.


What we do

Classic World Oriental Rugs’ hand-washing process, on the other hand, eliminates residues, allergens, dirt, stains, soil & toxic substances — ensuring the rug stays cleaner & healthier for you & your family. You should know that professional rug cleaning is recommended every 2-3 years.


Here is a list of the services we provide.


•        Stain & Odor Removal

  • When your rug returns to you it will smell fresh and free of all previous odors. *Pet stains may become permanent if not treated right away.


  • Inspection & Dye Bleed Testing
    • Your rugs are measured and the rug dyes inspected for bleeding. We’ll point pre-existing damages and provide an estimate for repair, including what we believe is the best course for action. All repairs will be done before washing to eliminate the chance of any further damage.


  • Rug Dusting
    • We dust front and back to remove any settled dust, sand, or grit at the foundation of your rug, which can reduce the life of your Oriental rug by causing premature wear.


  • Soaking and Hand-Washing
    • We soak front and back with clean, cold water, rug shampoo (non-toxic) and then gently hand wash, scrubbing in the direction of the rug pile to ensure no damage is caused.


  • Thorough Rinsing
    • We’ll rinse and squeegee the front and back to remove the remaining rug shampoo, contaminants and particles completely.


  • Water Extraction & Drying
    • Any remaining water is extracted from your carpet using an extraction vacuum. The rug is carefully hung to dry in a temperature controlled room with filtered air drying conditions.


  • Fringe Cleaning & Maintenance
    • Whether your fringe has been chewed off by your pets, torn by the vacuum cleaner, or worn off from heavy foot traffic, it needs decisive action immediately. If left uncared for, the rug knots could unravel over time, causing further damage. We pay special attention to the fringe, hand-brushing it again after washing and never use bleach because it can break fibers.


  • Wrap for Pickup or Delivery
    •  We’ll notify you for pick up or schedule a free delivery. We will place your rug where you desire for no additional charge.


Rug Repair Services

We will inspect the rug, identify the damage and give you an estimated time of repair. We can come to your home and can give you a free estimate for rug repairs and cleaning. If your rug has holes or missing threads, the repairing process consists of finding the matching wools and colors and then knotting the areas back to its original shape and form.

Keep your carpet clean

Dirt is the worst enemy of fine hand-knotted rugs. Since it is abrasive, it can cut off the fibers from the pile.

Our recommendations:

  1. Vacuum your rug at least weekly - your vacuum should have an agitator or beater bar that LIGHTLY beats the surface of the rug. (Excessive beater pressure can cause extra wear.)
  2. Have your fine rug professionally cleaned every few years to remove all collected dirt, restore colors, and rehydrate the fibers in dry climates.
  3. Professional cleaning should be done and Classic World is specializes in cleaning fine rugs.