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New Contemporary Modern Gabbeh Design Handmade Wool Rug (Size 2.8 X 9.7) Cwral-7200

Classic World santa fe
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  • Cwral-7200
  • Condition: New
  • (Exact Size: 2 ft. 8 in. by 9 ft. 7 in.)
  • Primary Color: Grey
  • Secondary Color(s): Blue , Gold
  • Pattern: Striped
  • Design: Gabbeh
  • Style: Modern
  • Weave Type: Hand-Knotted
  • Material: Wool  
  • Shape: Hallway Runner Rug
  • Made in: India

Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand-Knotted rugs are high quality ornaments that can last several years, if well kept. Today, most museums around the world, exhibit intact pieces dating back thousands of years.

What Determines The Value Of A Hand-Knotted Rug?

The value of a hand-knotted rug does not have to solely do with its knot count (KPSI), or most detailed design. New creative techniques and a combination of new colors, composition and post-contemporary designs, can also add a substantial value.

What Makes A Hand-Knotted Rug So Strong?

1- Hand-Knotted rugs are built by weavers within months, or sometimes years. Machine-made rugs are made within hours.

2- Hand-Knotted rugs are built with natural fibers, such as Wool, Silk, Cotton and Bamboo. Natural fibers can be stretched tightly without breaking, making a Hand-Knotted rug last longer.

3- Hand-Knotted Rugs shred very little during its life time.

Do I Need To Add A Rug-pad?

Yes, a Rug-pad can be critical to your rug's performance and appearance.

Our Rug-pad protects the back of your rug from grinding against the floors.

Our Rug-pad prevents a rug from slippage, reduces noise and provides extra walking comfort.

Our Rug-pad will not stain your floors, as it is made with natural rubber. Our Rug-pad is custom cut 2 inches short from each side, to fit your rug.